Moving Stillness!

We show you an innovative combination of ancient and modern movements by using the wisdom traditions of QiGong, Tai Chi, Yoga and Kinesiology to merge them into harmonious motions that will strengthen your body and balance mind and soul at the same time.

Program Development

My spir­i­tu­al path start­ed with my emi­gra­tion to the USA. There I was intro­duced to yoga and med­i­ta­tion for the first time. I took up Hatha Yoga, attend­ed var­i­ous class­es and prac­ticed almost every day. After dis­cov­er­ing Parama­hansa Yoganan­da I stayed for retreats in Encen­i­tas Cal­i­for­nia where I was taught some new exer­cis­es. Upon return­ing to Aus­tria I start­ed train­ing in Kine­si­ol­o­gy in Graz, Aus­tria. The new knowl­edge helped me keep my chil­dren and myself healthy for years to come.

Since I had gone back to my for­mer job as a teacher I decid­ed to do some of the exer­cis­es with my stu­dents in ele­men­tary school. Every morn­ing we spend the first ten to fif­teen min­utes to go through a pro­gram that I had designed espe­cial­ly for them and which enabled them to not only feel good about them­selves but also jump start­ed their mind. Test results and love of learn­ing soared to new heights. Par­ents request­ed to get to know the exer­cis­es as well and prac­ticed them togeth­er with their chil­dren at home.

After being trans­ferred from ele­men­tary to sec­ondary school I end­ed up in a sit­u­a­tion that was tough. In order to sur­vive this new teach­ing sit­u­a­tion I prac­ticed var­i­ous exer­cis­es and med­i­tat­ed every morn­ing. Years lat­er dur­ing my stud­ies in the Unit­ed States I dis­cov­ered Falun Dafa exer­cis­es (Falun Gong) which I taught myself with pic­tures from the web. After a year I met a group in Mainz, Ger­many and was able to learn some more details and the phi­los­o­phy behind it.

About two years ago after some tur­moil in my rela­tion­ship left me feel­ing pow­er­less and far from con­tent which prompt­ed my health to dete­ri­o­rate. I turned to the web for help and got some online train­ing in QiGong. It took me a while to learn the exer­cis­es. Grad­u­al­ly I start­ed to put togeth­er a pro­gram that com­bined the new exer­cis­es with many of the things that I had learned through­out my life. Faith­ful­ly prac­tic­ing it every day I had to change things again and again until I was sat­is­fied with my new cre­ation.

My youngest son after see­ing my new­ly devel­oped pro­gram told me that I had done what Bruce Lee many years ago did. He took the view that tra­di­tion­al mar­tial art tech­niques were too rigid and for­mal­is­tic to be prac­ti­cal. Lee decid­ed to devel­op a sys­tem with an empha­sis on prac­ti­ca­bil­i­ty, flex­i­bil­i­ty, speed and effi­cien­cy. Lee empha­sized what he called “The Style of no Style”. I remem­bered that once when research­ing Tai Chi on the web I dis­cov­ered a branch of Tai Chi that called itself the no style.

My new and unique pro­gram ulti­mate­ly is not a mat­ter of pet­ty rigid tech­niques but of high­ly devel­oped spir­i­tu­al­i­ty and physique. Learn the exer­cis­es, lis­ten to your body and feel your way into maybe doing things dif­fer­ent­ly or incor­po­rat­ing oth­er move­ments that feel good to your body. Remem­ber that there are no good or bad exer­cis­es; your per­for­mance of them is either good, bet­ter or best. The only author­i­ty in regard to your vital­i­ty and health is your own body. It will tell you what is good for you. Do not for­get that thoughts cre­ate your real­i­ty; learn to trust your own feel­ings and lis­ten to your body.

Program Basics

Ener­gy is the basis for a ful­filled life. It pro­vides body and mind with strength, con­nects us to our soul and helps us cre­ate joy, love, and har­mo­ny in life. Our body is an amaz­ing tool that enables us to sup­port its self-heal­ing pow­ers with exer­cise, breath­ing and healthy nutri­tion. Tai Chi tells us that if there is har­mo­ny in our move­ments there is also har­mo­ny in our mind.

Common benefit

The smooth flow of Chi through­out our body strength­ens our immune sys­tem, teach­es inter­nal relax­ation and coor­di­nates body, mind, breath, and ener­gy flow. The exer­cis­es help us to detox­i­fy the body, improve blood cir­cu­la­tion, release block­ages, increase ener­gy, restore vital­i­ty, and there­fore pro­mote longevi­ty and our gen­er­al well-being. At the same time we are able to bal­ance our emo­tions, clear aware­ness and redis­cov­er our intu­ition and cre­ativ­i­ty. Part 1 and 2 for the morn­ing are geared towards strength­en­ing and har­mo­niz­ing the ener­gy in our body. Part 3 for the evening will bal­ance us and help to relax and calm down.


As impor­tant as the smooth, slow and har­mo­nious move­ments is breath­ing. Breath­ing lets us feel alive. Exter­nal ener­gy becomes inter­nal ener­gy. Be atten­tive with your breath­ing because it con­nects – as with­out so with­in. If the move­ment is extend­ing parts of your body breathe in, if it con­tracts breathe out. This enables you to keep a slow pace. After you learned the exer­cis­es and know the sequence you might want to close your eyes because it keeps your atten­tion focused on how your body feels.

Program Overview

The pro­gram con­sists of 3 parts. Part 1 has the focus to acti­vate most acu­pres­sure points and merid­i­ans (there is no graph­ic because you can eas­i­ly find that on the web) and ends with some of the most impor­tant exer­cis­es from QiGong and Tai Chi.


The exer­cis­es in Part 2 are grouped in threes with the same focus. This way it is eas­i­er to remem­ber the sequence. After each group of three we hold the hands about 2 inch­es apart over the navel. Wpmen have the left hand on the out­side, men the right one. This anchors the new ener­gy in our body. After a short while the hands go down and form a cir­cle. Palms face upward and rest above each oth­er. The hands form the Dhyana Mudra which rep­re­sents the spir­i­tu­al pow­er of the fire which trans­forms all impu­ri­ties. It is a calm­ing ges­ture of med­i­ta­tion that forms the per­fect bal­ance between body, mind and soul and is at the same time also a sym­bol for peace and inner strength.

Part 3 shows slow med­i­ta­tive move­ments which decrease stress and calm and har­mo­nize the ener­gy field at the end of the day. They bring your focus back to your­self and help you relax and unwind.



We stand com­plete­ly relaxed with legs apart. Knees are always slight­ly bent as are the arms. Fin­gers slight­ly spread but relaxed. This pos­ture enhances the flow of ener­gy. Stretched arms and legs block the flow. The pelvis con­trols move­ment and is the basis for vital ener­gy. The spine is the ener­gy gen­er­a­tor.


Ener­gy Con­nec­tion offers an easy to learn pro­gram for acti­vat­ing your ener­gy by using knowl­edge and wis­dom of east­ern tra­di­tions. The pro­gram con­sists of 3 parts with move­ments from QiGong, TaiChi, Yoga, Falun Gong and Kine­si­ol­o­gy woven into a holis­tic for­mat which acti­vates and enhances our body’s ener­gy, cre­ates a bet­ter flow and har­mo­nizes it.


Slow and unin­hib­it­ed flow of Qi in our body strength­ens the immune sys­tem, bal­ances emo­tions, decreas­es feel­ings of stress and inner rest­less­ness and cre­ates har­mo­ny and flex­i­bil­i­ty in body and mind. Because of this we expe­ri­ence clear­er more focused aware­ness which in turn opens the gate­way to intu­ition and cre­ativ­i­ty.


Move­ments like this not only enhance your body’s ener­gy but at the same time your mind’s. There­fore it is per­fect for stressed employ­ees, world trav­el­ers, seniors who want to stay healthy, and for all peo­ple who strive for joie de vivre and men­tal clar­i­ty.


Detail from the ener­gy exer­cise pro­gram:

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