Rethinking Energy

Albert Ein­stein said, “Every­thing is ener­gy and that’s all. Tune your fre­quen­cy into the real­i­ty you wish to expe­ri­ence then there is the option that you get what you want. There is no oth­er way. That is not phi­los­o­phy but physics.”

Nico­las Tes­la said exact­ly the same thing with oth­er words, “If you want to decode the enig­mas of the uni­verse, think in cat­e­gories of ener­gy, fre­quen­cy, and vibrations.

Our body is made of ener­gy called Qi or Chi. This ener­gy moves along merid­i­ans. We can acti­vate the flow with tap­ping, mas­sag­ing, or cer­tain move­ments. Accupunc­ture and accu­pres­sure use this ancient knowl­edge as do Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Kine­si­ol­o­gy and many oth­er forms of body­work to heal or ener­gize. Sci­en­tists through­out the world have been study­ing these forces with­in our body sys­tems but since ener­gy flow can­not be made vis­i­ble and we are still anchored in our mech­a­nis­tic par­a­dig­mas most main­stream sci­en­tists call ener­gy flow non­sense. Dis­re­gard­ing sci­ence was easy for me because observ­ing my body taught me that there is more than meets the eyes. Over decades I prac­ticed Yoga, Kine­si­ol­o­gy, Shi­at­su, Falun Dafa, Tai Chi and Qi Gong and togeth­er with healthy eat­ing was able to keep my body healthy and full of energy.

We know that the human body con­sists of about 70% water. Sci­en­tif­ic research found that if there is not suf­fi­cient water in the cells there is an imbal­ance of the body’s defense sys­tem. Dr Masaru Emo­to a Japan­ese sci­en­tist research­ing water for decades the­o­rized that water in our body changes because the struc­ture of water in gen­er­al is not fixed but can be eas­i­ly influ­enced by vibra­tions, music, thoughts and words. He believed that there is still a lot that water has to teach us.

Today we also know that there is light in our cells. This fact was dis­cov­ered for the first time by a Russ­ian sci­en­tist pro­fes­sor Alexan­der Gur­witsch 1922 and redis­cov­ered 1975 by a team of Ger­man bio­physi­cists lead by pro­fes­sor Fritz A. Popp who pro­vid­ed clear proof of this fact with the help of mod­ern exper­i­men­tal meth­ods. Through­out the world sci­en­tif­ic exper­i­ments show that our body’s cells emit light. Prof. Fritz Popp speaks of Bio­pho­tons (pho­tons are light quarks – the small­est ele­ments of light). Three Russ­ian sci­en­tists S. Stschurin, V.P. Kas­naschejew und L. Michailowa con­duct­ed more than 5000 exper­i­ments pro­vid­ing evi­dence that liv­ing cells are car­ry­ing infor­ma­tion. Much of sci­en­tif­ic research points to »radi­a­tion of bio­pho­tons« of liv­ing cells which are able to com­mu­ni­cate with sig­nals that car­ry infor­ma­tion between plants, ani­mals and human beings with incred­i­ble speed and effi­cien­cy and can gov­ern process­es in a way that is impos­si­ble through bio­chem­i­cal channels.


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